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Jewish community in Paris

The jewish community in Paris

The most prominant jewish district in Paris is the Marais (le Marais) (Pletzl in Yiddish – “little place”), located on the right bank situated in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. The centre of Jewish life here is on Rue des Rosier, where you’ll find many Kosher butchers, restaurants and bakeries, more shops can be found as you walk down Rue des Rosier between Rue Hospitalières Saint Gervais and Rue Malherthe, the Agudath Hakehilot (Agoudas HaKehilos), considered the most important synagogue in the area can also be found here. Further afield, jewish communities in Paris in Montmarte and Fauborg, Montmarte being home to the Sephardi Synagogue.

Synagogues in Paris

Beth El

Located in the 9éme, Beth El is an Orthodox Sefardi synagogue, operating Yeshiva and kosher meals. advances booking is needed for Shabbat meals.

Synagogue Kehilat Gesher

Lead by Rabbi Tom Cohen, Kehilat Gesher is a conservation reform and egalitarian synagogue welcoming all, particularily English speaking Jews who find themselves in Paris. Kehilat Gesher is a World Union for progressive Judasim affiliate and welcomes all cultures including Ashjenazi and Sefardi Jews. Visit Site

Rashi Shul

Daily Minyan and Shabbat services are held here, the Rashi Synagogue is Nusach Sfard.

3rd Arrondissement, Nazareth, 15 rue N-d De Nazareth. 4th Arrondissement, 18 rue des Ecouffes, 18 Rue Des Ecouffes. Fondation Roger Flichmann, 21 bis Rue Des Tournelles. Les Tourelles, 21 bis Rue Des Tournelles. Temple Des Vosges, 14 Place Des Vosges. 5th Arrondissement, Synagogue du Quartier Latin, 24 Rue Bourg TibBourg. 6th Arrondissement, Centre Edmond Fleg, 8 Bis Rue De L’Eperon. 8th Arrondissement, Association Ses Israelites D’oranie En France, 218/220 Rue Du Fbg Saint Honoré.9th Arrondissement, Berith Chalom, 18 Rue Saint Lazare. Buffault, La Victoire, 44 Rue De La Victoire. La Victoire Egyptien, 44 Rue De La Victoire. La Victoire Tunisien, 44 Rue De La Victoire. 10th Arrondissement, Centre Communautaire Beth Matatia, 119 Rue La Fayette. La Fraternelle, 56 Rue Des Petites Ecuries. 11th Arrondissement, Central Culturel Samuel Cohen, 37 Rue des Trois Bornes. Don Isaac Abravenl, 84/86 Rue De La Roquette. 12th Arrondissement, Association Culturelle, 106 Avenue de Général Michel Bizot. Chivte Israel, 12 Cité Moynet. 13th Arrondissement, Synagogue Sidi Fredj Halimi, 61/65 Rue Vergniaud. 14th Arrondissement, Vercingetoriz, 223 Rue Vercingetoriz. 15th Arrondissement, Chasseloup Laubat, 14 Rue Chasseloup Laubat. Ohel Mordekhai, 13 Rue Fondary. 16th Arrondissement, Acci Mangin, 14 Avenue Du Gal Mangin. Ahavat Chalom, 75/77 Avenue De Versailles. 17th Arrondissement, Centre Rambam, 19/21 Rue Galvani. 18th Arrondissement, Kedouchat Levy, 80 Rue Doudeauville. Montmarte, 13 Rue Sainte Isaure. Rue Des Saules, 42 Rue Des Saules. 19th Arrondissement, Beth Haya Mouchka, 48 Rue petit. Michkenot Israel, 6 Rue Jean Nohain. Ohaley Yaacov, 11 Rue Henri Murger. 20th Arrondissement, Beth Yaacov Yossef, 5 Square Des Cardeurs. Michkenot Yaacov, 118 Boulevard De Belleville. Hahaim, 120 Boulevard De Belleville. Pali Kao, 49 Rue Pali Kao.



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